Keynote Motivational Speaker Sid Vaidya Launches Website for Diversity of Dreamers

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Keynote Motivational Speaker Sid Vaidya Launches Website for Diversity of Dreamers


Sid Vaidya :: Keynote Speaker, Author :: SidVaidya.comMichigan based keynote motivational speaker and author of “Immigrant Steps To American Dream,” Sid Vaidya, proudly announces the re-launch of, a site he hopes will help those setting out on their road to success in the corporate world.

“My story will serve you as a playbook for achieving your dream job. It shows you what you have to do to be fundamentally sound and succeed in competitive economy in a globalized world.” says Sid Vaidya.

Based on his well-received book, “Immigrant Steps To American Dream” – the entertaining account of his personal journey to the top, is filled with multi-media, featuring business insights, sound advice, and a free chapter of the book.

Sid Vaidya knows what it’s like to dream. He came from an underprivileged background in India, arriving in the United States at the age of 19 for a higher education and better life. He spoke no English, but learned rapidly. With personal fortitude and an optimistic spirit, he worked his way through a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Marketing. He also learned how to adapt to local ways and customs to be culturally aligned with and succeed in American business.

Mr. Vaidya demonstrated an aptitude for computing technologies and by 1979 earned a management role with General Motors. His position transitioned to EDS in 1985 when EDS took responsibility for GM Information Technology worldwide.

In the early 1990s, Mr. Vaidya developed a close relationship with GM’s then Vice Chairman by helping achieve GM’s aggressive cost-conscious, and quality driven strategies. As a trusted partner and advisor, he strengthened and extended the client relationship with excellent service level metrics and bottom line benefits to both EDS and GM.

As a motivational speaker and expert on diversity, Sid Vaidya, offers 10 Laws of Immigrant Success, which will serve anyone well who is serious about climbing the ladder of achievement. Mr. Vaidya believes that diversity is strength and it is continuous applied education that ultimately differentiates you from all others. The 10 Laws and much more, await dreamers of all ages and backgrounds at

A much sought after keynoter and media guest, Mr. Vaidya can be contacted via, as well.