Questions for Sid Vaidya

sid-vaidya-questionsQuestions for Sid Vaidya

1.     What is your vision statement?

I am a keynote motivational speaker.  I strive to inspire those who want to achieve their own dreams by spreading my message of hard work, perseverance, hope, wisdom and faith with special emphasis on taking action. Life rewards action!

2.     What is your target audience and what benefits will they get?

Target audience is Universities, Companies and Trade Associations, namely, executive MBA programs, IT firms and Technocrats, and Immigrants and minority students.

These folks with a high emotional intelligence (EQ)-a quality that is critical to achieving your dreams- often run into obstacles in career advancements due to their diverse international/ethnic/cultural backgrounds in the workplace.

My Keynote is about “Mainstreaming into the Corporate World by enriching your Business Perspective”.

My book provides real-world experiences and practical skills to accelerate your career.


  • Better social skills: gain better understanding of the world around them and become part of the Business culture
  • Higher-self-esteem: Become more confident and display self-efficacy
  • Better job placements and career growth

3.     As a Motivational Speaker, what gives you most satisfaction?

When members of my audience come up to  me after my presentations and tell me how my story touched their heart and their decision to take action.

After a recent conference in Michigan, a project manager approached me and told me,” You inspired me to do what was necessary to achieve a better work-life-balance. Thank you.” What can be more satisfying than this?

4.     Who or what has inspired you.

My Grandpa. I talk about him in Chapter 10 of my book. He taught me to believe in myself.

He told me “True success will come from within you. Pursue wisdom and not wealth. I want you to get immune to flattery and criticism. Become fearless and know that you are neither beneath nor superior to anyone!”