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sid-vaidya-book-cover-shadowSid Vaidya’s Immigrant Steps to American Dream features his “Diamonds of Diversity” plan for success. Using Baseball as a metaphor, Sid shows you how to succeed one base at a time! You’re up! “From the time I arrived in the USA at the age of 19 as a poor, hungry and driven immigrant in December 1966, it took me years to achieve sustained success. For me, that meant having multiple homes, multiple cars and boats, lasting marriage to an American born white woman, highly educated successful children, a great career, great friends, money in the bank and travels around the world.

For you, success might mean something altogether different. It is a personal journey. While I acknowledge that success does not mean happiness, I do believe happiness without success is elusive. Success is residue of diligence. I do not want to forget what I did right to get it.

Therefore, I have documented my own secret of success.