sid-vaidya-at-katz“Inspiring and engaging visit by Sid Vaidya for MBA students and staff alike at the University of Pittsburgh, Katz Graduate School of Business this week!” ~Sandra Douglas, Director, MBA Programs at University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School of Business






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Sid Vaidya Speaks To Students At University of Pittsburgh


“Sid Vaidya is an entertaining and exciting speaker who offers great insights in to employee engagement and diversity. I’ve enjoyed having him speak at our events over the years.”  ~Steve Siebold, President at Siebold Success

“Inspiring and engaging visit by Sid Vaidya for MBA students and staff alike at the University of Pittsburgh, Katz Graduate School of Business this week!” ~Sandra Douglas, Director, MBA Programs at University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School of Business

“I have had the pleasure of hearing him speak on cultural diversity. He is humorous, relevant and touches on the very basic issues of how we are the same and different and how to bridge the gap of understanding. His topic is so important today when the world has become smaller and we are exposed to so many different cultures and opinions. I highly recommend Sid as he will deliver a powerful speech that will inspire and make a difference in people’s lives.”  ~Ros Kaspi, Author of “Instant Breakthrough

“Sid is a creative leader and excellent at building relationships with clients, subordinates and colleagues. He has keen insight into today’s business issues and is one of the most entertaining public speakers I have ever heard. He is able to take a serious subject, interject humor and make his speech compelling.”  ~Beth Kirkpatrick, VP, Europe, EDS, an HP Company

“Sid is a veteran leader with a wide range of experience. He is a capable leader, an entertaining speaker and a recognized expert in IT Outsourcing.”   ~Sam Macmillan, VP & Chief Operating Officer, HP Enterprise Services

“Sid did a great job as a systems integrator to General Motors. Great Results, Personable and Expert.”   ~Ralph Szygenda, Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer, General Motors Corporation

“Sid is a great speaker and humorist. He is very engaging and has a wealth of experience in the areas of leadership and diversity. I would highly recommend him.”   ~Mark West, Vice President, IBM

“Sid is one of the most engaging and intelligent people that I have ever met. His knowledge and experience on cultural diversity can help any company in today‘s economy. I recommend Sid for any group looking to expand into larger cultural markets.”~Dr. Alok Trivedi, Siebold Success Network – National Marketing Directorsid-vaidya-company-logos


“If you are looking for a superb keynote speaker and a thought leader, Sid is second to none. He can capture an audience on a variety of business related topics while interjecting his humor, experience, and global views. A must have for any event. The most unique and creative style I have ever seen! Be prepared to laugh and learn. Great Results, Personable, Creative.”  ~Andrew Litynskyj, Director, IBM, hired Sid more than once.

“I have been to virtually every corner of the world with Sid working with clients, prospects, partners and internal teams. Sid brings a fresh perspective, sensibility, wisdom, humor, and surprise to every engagement and he works effectively at any level in the organization.”  ~Jim Fatur, Sales Director, HP

“I am thrilled to have been able to attend Sid’s presentations. They were educational, entertaining, funny, interesting, motivating, and thought-provoking. His formula on how successful immigrants use to achieve their wealth and dreams was the most beneficial. “  ~Clay Snyder, Former VP Manufacturing Industry Group at EDS, EVP & CFO, Silver Lining Redesign, Inc.

“Sid is an exceptional & engaging speaker. His ability to handle large audiences and turn a session into feeling like an intimate gathering was always well recognised. Sid has a humorous, dynamic yet relaxed storytelling style that entices the listener.”  ~Bill Hatzistavros, Regional Sales Executive, HP Australia

“As a Leadership Coach and Consultant, I am keenly aware of outstanding leadership performance. I saw this in Sid. What I also appreciated about Sid was his amazing sense of humor. If you want to hear a truly funny story, ask him about his first Thanksgiving in America!”  ~Prudence A. Cole, President and Founder, Being@Work, Inc.

“I highly recommend Sid. Sid brings a strong balance of professional experience, humor with a positive message, and unique personal experiences that combine for an ability to speak to audiences in a very warm and caring way, while sending a strong positive message, while all the time making us laugh till it hurts. Time with Sid is always time well spent. You will learn while you laugh.”   ~Joe Ely, V.P. Sales, Cap Gemini